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02-26-2013, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
LOL ....did you look at jakes first 10 games ? guess not. Jake is the hottest flyer, not the MVP counting games 1 through now.

Giroux & Read ?? oh, you mean part of the Offense who G said were 'going through the motions' ? yea, right.
Kimmo ? he's been Monty Hall this year: Mr. Give-away. love him, but no way hes been better than Bryz counting games 1 through now.
It's fascinating you just completely ignored this:

Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
There's no way he is "hands down" their best player. Voracek has certainly lapped him. Read had been damned good before getting hurt as well. Giroux is surging back. Timonen is on pace for 30 points in a 48 game season, which is a pace for 50 in a full season, while also playing decent defense against tough competition.

Can you explain, logically, why Bryzgalov should be considered the team MVP over Voracek, who has 24 points in 21 games and is tied for 6th in the league? Meanwhile, Bryzgalov is ranked 46th in the league for save percentage. You harp on his wins, but he's also 2nd for most losses. If for some reason you want to use win/loss as a relevant stat (which is a bad idea since that's a team stat, mostly), he's at 9-9-1, which isn't anything to write home about.

So, what is your reasoning for Bryz being better than Voracek?
It's also worth pointing out that Timonen is 5th among all NHL defensemen in points, while still playing decent defense against top competition. As for turnovers, you're flat out making garbage up now. He has the 71st most turnovers in the league among defensemen.

Yeah. 71st.

You're stretching really, really far in your attempts to make Bryz into something he isn't and you're falling short.

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
he has had a few blunders lately.
but, you are right: this team has zero team defensive concept. Lately Bryz has not been able to overcome that, as he was able to earlier in the year.

and, yes, it's always the goalie's fault around here.
You say Nashville is so much better defensively than the Flyers...well, they're ranked 6th for shots against and the Flyers are 8th. The difference? 0.6 shots per game.

The Flyers have improved their defense from last year, and even from the earlier part of the season. Yet Bryz's stats have fallen. Let's not blame the team for that. The most obvious culprit is the GM who didn't think a backup goalie would be important, so Bryz can't get any rest with a grueling schedule. That's a far more obvious and glaring issue than the defense.

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