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02-26-2013, 06:44 PM
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Player-for-player, I don't like it...even with his slow start, we need players like Cole more than we need players like Ryder. And I really have to wonder about shaking up the chemistry of a team sitting on top of the Eastern conference.

However, if Bergevin figures the Cole we're seeing this year is the Cole we're going to get for the rest of his contract, I give him credit for cutting his losses while he can. Maybe in 2 years if Cole is still sucking it up for the Stars I'll be thankful we got out while we could.

It sort of seems like the Spacek-for-Kaberle deal but in reverse. Maybe a little short term loss for long term benefit. Although, if Cole and Ryder both keep playing the way they are now, it won't even be short term loss.

I wonder what Bergevin's plan is in the off season with the added cap space and the top-six winger slot now open. Hmmm..

Anyway I think my biggest concern is the timing. Any time you make a move like this when things are going so well for your team, it's a gamble. Hope it pays off.

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