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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
Let's see now. PA was against 4-conference setup because some teams had 4/7 chance to make playoffs and some 4/8. Now, we propose a system where the West has a 8/14 and the East a 8/16. And, the League thinks the PA will sign off on this?

Someone is not thinking ahead, and not using the information at hand.

If they go to a 2-conf, 4-div setup, with Top 3 in each Div, + 2 extras, and the PA is consistent in their thinking, then they have to go to a 15/15 alignment.

That's not my thought. That's just going by what the PA said before.
The same thoughts have been going through my mind. Seems the more time goes on, the bigger of a cluster this whole thing seems to get. Maybe it's part of the leagues strategy...keep putting out screwier and screwier ideas and the PA will concede to the sanest. This latest headache...just screams 'this is what happens when you try to make everyone happy'. I can't see how anyone, BoG OR PA would pass this one. The only semi-good thing is that this 'western conference' is pared down to 3 TZ as opposed to 4.

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