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02-26-2013, 07:02 PM
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I have no problem with the four groups.

I have a problem with how those groups are still in Eastern/Western conferences and this wildcard non-sense.

How can you decide your "wildcards" based off points when teams in separate divisions are playing completely different schedules?

The Patrick and Adams are going to play each other home/home vs everyone ONCE. Letting the 5th place Patrick team into the Adams Division playoffs as the 4 seed is horribly stupid. Points are the result of playing your schedule, and you have basically a division-only schedule now.

The East/West Conference playoffs had essentially five "wild cards" based on points, but they played a total of 11 different games.

That isn't not totally fair, but it's also relatively within your control: You play those teams who have a different schedule 40 times total. You can inflict losses on them so they can't catch you even if they go 11-0 vs easier teams in their division.

At least last year's FOUR CONFERENCE proposal, you had like three different games within the conference. It's within your control.

The difference in the new matrix is 24 different games.

I've always argued that that when the 2011 Stars had 95 points and missed the playoffs and the 93-point 2011 Rangers made the playoffs, it was because they didn't play the same schedules. It wasn't totally fair, but it was relatively close. The two teams only played 18 similar games all season; points isn't an apples-to-apples.

Now we're making apples to oranges a yearly thing for the last two playoff spots? That isn't remotely close to fair to anyone.

Fair is when the teams competing for the same prize have the schedule to play to determine the seeding. This is the worst of both worlds.

We need two more teams. Quickly.

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