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02-26-2013, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by dannyboy8920 View Post
Regards to current:

Why do divisional winners make it no matter what anyway? what is the reason? Why does it happen in sports?

Is it because they THINK they need atleast 1 team from each division? They think that if all teams in a division are out of the playoffs , the fans wont watch?

The CFL does it right. Cross the teams over. It's the playoffs, they can travel.

I hate seeing the better teams out, because some mediocre team is in a scrub division.

Get it right. Let the real teams make it, and let the crap ones golf....Enough with the handouts.
I read (other reports) that crossing over is part of the discussion, so wild card winners will be properly slotted over lesser teams in other conferences. This will also set up the possibility for any team to play any team in the finals, including divisional/conference rivals.

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