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Originally Posted by BallHockeyLegend View Post

What I said is Kostka, Holzer and Fraser are playing well now, but I don't expect it to last. Same way Ottawa is playing well now icing their AHL team. Players get a chance to play in the NHL and play their hearts out. The adrenaline wears off after a while and their weaknesses start to glare.

Benching or at least severely limiting Orr, McClaren and Brown's ice time is all but a certainty. Show me an enforcer who played 5 minutes a game during the regular season who played any significant amount of time (5 minutes or more) during a deep play off run... it doesn't happen. Regular season is different than playoffs.

I'll further explain, I appreciate Orr, McClaren and Brown probably more than the average fan. I love fighting. During the regular season it keeps your star players injury free over a long 82 game season (assuming Phaneuf doesn't hit them with a slap shot). However, in the playoffs only players who can be relied upon defensively end up playing a regular shift. The stakes are too high in the playoffs to let an enforcer be on the ice. Orr doesn't fight against regular players, he fights against other team's heavyweights. He won't be able to pick someone out for a fight and give the team a boost. If he tries to pick a fight, chances are he'll end up with a roughing or instigator penalty. Therefor, if Orr can't fight.. he's out.
You do remember that Boston changed their fortunes when they dressed Thorton in the playoffs winning the Cup? Did it occur to you Carlyle has been increasing the ice time of his tougher players to likely prepare them for ice time in the playoffs? I don't see Carlyle changing his regular season philosophy for the playoffs.

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