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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Wait a minute.
This is the Habs we are talking about.
Cole traded in mid season?????????????
WTF..... their has to be a story behind this event.
Either Cole asked for the trade or Cole had a big time clash with Habs new management. If this is MB looking way ahead down the road and this is a dump at the right time all the better.
But I tell you, there IS a story behind this move.
There are stories behind a lot of moves, most of which we'll never know. In this case, I'd guess this was more of an opportunity. Bergevin has his eye on the future and is freeing as much cap space as possible.

This $1 million savings gives us almost $10 million of space to do some serious UFA shopping this summer. And guess what -- the Habs are suddenly a hot up-and-coming team whose stock has become much more attractive to players. We usually have no chance at snagging star UFAs, but this year may be different.

What kind of UFA can we afford? In one year we have to re-sign PK, Emelin, Diaz and Eller. That's approx $6 million more per year committed to salaries (obviously that's a total guess). But at the same time, Gionta and Markov's contracts are up and Kaberle is probably bought out already, freeing up $15 million.

EDIT: Numbers are a bit optimistic for next season (forgot we have a few roster spots to fill) but with a Kabs buyout we may be able to wiggle our way to enough room for a UFA.

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