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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post

Can I ask this again:

Let's say the CENT and ATL have 4 teams.
But, the PAC ends up with 1Van, 2Cal, 3SanJose
and the EAST 1Mont, 2Tor, 3 Bos, 4Ott, 5Det

You are proposing that the first round be:
CENT & ATL: all division series?
Then, Van v SJ; Mont v Det; Tor v Ott; Cal v Bos

My question is: What happens if Boston wins?
It appears the 2nd round is:
CENT & ATL: Still Divisional
EAST: whoever survives the Mont/Det and Tor/Ott series
and then you have left something like: Van v Bos

I say: If this is what you propose, then it's not fair to Boston to subject them to 2 possible cross-continental series.

I say: It's better to have the #5 team subject to that possibility. So, here:
Van v Det; Cal v SJ; Mont v Ott; Tor v Bos.

It's true that Vancouver has to play across the continent in Round 1. But, it could only be round 1. If they win, then all 2nd round series are within the division. If the wild-card team wins, then they have to play across the continent again. But, that's fair. They are the special case, after all.

The second round using your example and a Boston victory would be the "middle" seed again of the three remaining from the East - if the top seeds in the East also win then the Boston would not get the crossover series again, Toronto would.

While in my example a third place team could play two crossover series in a row, they would also have the chance to get home ice advantage from third place, which the alternative doesn't provide.

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