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02-26-2013, 08:35 PM
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I wonder how many of you are still viewing Ryder as the player when he left Montreal. From what I've seen he's grown his game; playing for Jullien probably helped.

I loved 2011-2012 Eric Cole, but his comments during the lockout really surprised me. Hey it's great you love your kids and I'm sure he's a terrific father, but dude 3 more years (including this year) at $4.5 million per year then retirement. Take your kids to school every day! It's a hellva better deal then us working stiffs get with kids!

His game this year was aweful... Terrible decisions with the puck, little passion and I've never seen a "power forward" fall down as much as he did this year! I thought power forwards were supposed to knock the opposing player on their butt!

What sold me was that Cole waived his no trade clause; if he REALLY wanted to stay he would have said "No, I can be better and I'll prove it!"

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