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02-26-2013, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by JB52 View Post
I just stumble on this article and there’s one point in that text that is so stupid that it made me realize that those new divisions mean absolutely nothing for relocation.

The author of the article states in the second to last paragraph that because of the new divisions, not only it means that Phoenix will move to Seattle for sure but, because there will only be 7 teams in the two most western divisions, expansion will now only happen in the west. Forget Markham and Quebec City there’s no place for them in the, what he calls, blue and green division. With his reasoning, Kansas City and Albuquerque have better chances, because there is only 7 teams in the westerner division.

Do we agree that the second part of his reasoning is stupid, but then, what makes the first one more brilliant? Nothing! Saying that the Coyotes will move to Seattle because of new divisions is like saying that the NHL will expand to Albuquerque because there’s only seven teams in the pacific division. Don’t you think?
I think Stanley, ID and Las Cruces, NM are on NHL radar...

All this division stuff have no importance. Divisions are made upon team existing now. Qc doesnt have a team now.

Thing is facts shows hockey markets are more east then west, at least in the US. Your form divisions with your teams, and not the contrary.

I would'nt be surprised Qc plays in the pacific one year, like the Jets plays east.

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