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Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
Probably a dumb question, but how much difference is there amongst the steel? I have a pretty cheap set of skates(Flite Chaos C-55's). It is hard to find size 14 skates. I wonder though if the steel in these is any cheaper than better skates or if it is all in the boot. I seem to have to sharpen up a lot more frequently than other guys. How much does new steel blades cost?
As far as I can tell from a photo off the internet, you can't replace the steel on those skates. You would have to get a new holder and steel mounted on the boot. Those skates have a carbon steel blade in them instead of a stainless blade which is why you need to sharpen your skates more often. The carbon steel is softer and just doesn't hold an edge as well.

What size shoe do you wear that you are in a size 14 skate?

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