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02-26-2013, 09:17 PM
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So Mighty Mouse/Moraga cancelled as DJ is hurt.

Also... this is very weird so going to break it down:

If Aldo beats Pettis, he wants to move up and fight Bendo. Bendo is okay with this and Aldo has been guaranteed this fight if he wins.
If Pettis beats Aldo, he too wants to move up and fight Bendo for the title. He has not been guaranteed this but he wants the same deal Aldo has. Bendo is okay with fighting Pettis too.
If Bendo beats Gil, this **** gets crazy. He wants to move up and fight GSP for his title. So....lets start shifting everyone up a division.

In other news, Rumble is now fighting at super heavyweight...which is still lighter than Rumbleweight.

Oh...and watching UFC Tonight and Anderson speaks perfect English and he understands it. So cut the ****ing translator Ed Soares **** please.

Dana now says that Pettis wouldn't be allowed to move up and fight at 155 right away if he beats Aldo and Bendo won't move up period right now. Too many fights for him in that division.

Also, Suga vs Hendo is being talked about in the UFC.

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