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12-19-2003, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by smnhppu
I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Ward as a viable power forward. He's scored at every level, and I think he'll show up as a scorer in this league, he seems to display the right tools. Hopefully he'll put it together this year.
I'd also like to see Ward given a thorough chance. Hampered by a slow start (4th line ice time doesn't help) and of course, the injury. If he's willing AND able to stir-up a ruckus in front of the net on the PP, then he's got a steady job. Although I'd like to see (and experience, like more active trading teams) an instant fix, la prototype power forward, I don't think that's BG's intention (for now).

As for the splendid PP output against the Preds, I was also pleasantly surprised to see both Saku and Ribs on the same unit. Putting all your eggs in one basket. At first, I wanted Saku behind the net (only because I want him to rack up the points). Then, I thought of Ribs on the point and who'd I prefer (and have more confidence in) skating back defensively. Anyways, the PP success is certainly a welcomed bonus, and if we're going to start winning those tight games, we need the PP.

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