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02-26-2013, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by bdawg1989 View Post
Gotta love the Gionta apologists in here. Prolly the same who stubbornly defended Gomez and said he would bounce back numerous times.

Yes, Gionta works hard.

Yes, Gionta doesn't lack effort.

Truth is he just plainly sucks.

At the price he's paid, working hard isnt an excuse. He is the captain and he is paid a ******** of money and as such he is expected to produce. Not kill every god damn play he takes part in. You guys defending him acts like he's a martyr, kinda hilarious TBH. According to you, he's paid millions to ''work hard'', results dont matter. Welp, where can I sign with the Habs ? I will work hard every night but completely suck at the game of hockey and be paid millions ?! Count me in.
Fully agreed. Well put, people just like their martyrs once in a while. I haven't seen some of these posters ever but they just crawl out when their fanboy-crush is playing poorly and getting criticized for it.

Gionta is on the pooplist. End of story.

5m is not nothing, he's paid to score.

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