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02-26-2013, 09:25 PM
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A Spade is a Spade
This team has been playing an extremely destructive and boring to watch style of hockey for the past 3 years plus
I actually thought the hockey they played after canning Renney was OK. But the players did not live up to that system - especially the pinching D got caught on odd men rushes when their incompetent attempts failed short
The only reason a sane person could be happy with it was the results last season. Which was a combination of taking other teams by surprise, overachieving, a good portion of fortunate circumstances and a very good team feeling in the locker room.
This year other teams/coaches have caught on to the system, the team seems listless and without the edge they had last year, they are **** outta luck and many key players have been playing like crap.
But the system reveals its true identity now
And it is so boring to watch - a true game of grind, dump, chase and boardplay, followed by a letdown and BOOM - a goal down...
The team has given up on the system - that much is clear. And it is both old & new guys (mostly old guys) that have been having their worst seasons so far
And I am not even going to start with the PP
Richards, Gaborik or Nash have between their $27,1 M annual contracts still yet to score a goal on PP this year
But they have played quite the time on the PP
74:45 (Richards)
62:28 (Gaborik)
53:59 (Nash)

3:11:12 in total
With countless 5 on 3s as well

Career PP stats
Gaborik 95 PP goals in 776 games = 1 goal every 8 games
Nash 83 PP goals in 678 games = 1 goal every 8 games
Richards 92 PP goals in 937 games = 1 goal every 10 games
This year
0 PP goals in 40 games = infiniti

It is beyond repair or acceptance
Fire Sullivan NOW
Fire Torts if we do not make playoffs/get relegated 1st round
Fire Sather any which way
Buyout Richards after 2013/2014 season, perhaps earlier - if this slide continues

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