Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers vs Jets - The LOL Edition
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02-26-2013, 09:35 PM
*Bob Richards*
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I've run out of things to blame so I'm going to expand my list:

1. BlueshirtBlitz: For removing his "Bard" Richards avatar.
2. KreiMeARiver: For ditching his successful NHL 13 pre game predictions.
3. nevesis: For reminding me how much money Richards makes.
4. Machinehead: For boycotting, then not, then boycotting, then not.
5. Ailurophile: For speaking of conspiracy theories in the OT thread.
6. Bill Pidto: Seriously. **** that guy.
7. This Strawberry Jam: It sits in my fridge and reminds me of the obvious.
8. Insomnia: Overslept and missed a class today.
9. Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery: For enacting Operation Market Garden. It was bad.

I may have missed a few.

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