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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
on the surface, it's hard not to like the deal...

- Cole's 4.5M$ cap hit over the next two years had a big chance of being very cumbersome. It looked that way from the moment he signed the deal, but his bounce back season last year seemed to give hope that he'd be worth it. The way he started this year gave us a good glimpse of just how bad it could get the other way, and with the cap going down, smart move by MB to get rid of that contract

- Ryder is coming off his best season, pts-wise, is off to a very strong start this year, is cheaper right now, is familiar with the team/city/media+fan pressure, and is a UFA at the end of the year so even if it doesn't work out, no strings attached.

- extra 3rd gives us 6 picks in the top-90 of a deep draft... whether we keep them all, use them to move up, or use some in a deadline deal if the need/justification is there, it's a nice asset to have

despite 3 pretty big positives, and having never been a fan of Cole's deal, i'm still a bit about the deal.

Something about getting a guy who is definitely less of a physical presence (not that Cole was imposing) on a team that was finally starting to play without getting pushed around all the time, is a little unsettling.

Hopefully Ryder will fit right in to the PP, and ES I could see him working well with DD/MaxPac, giving the team enough offensive threat to mitigate what we lose in Cole's physical play.

Mostly thought, I'm very intrigued into how this fits into MB's broader plans... assuming Kaberle gets amnestied (or traded?), he'll have a small fortune to spend this offseason... Perry is a habs fan, and certainly would fit both the teams new direction and a long-term top-6 need, do we dare to dream???

Welcome back Ryder, happy trails Erik... Go habs Go
this is the second time i've heard this...where have u heard this?

I'm pretty sure dan otoole is a habs fan...and he's from peterborough, which is where perry is from....imagine sportscenter in the mornings if we do get him and otoole is on..."THE PRIDE OF PETERBOROUGH ONTARIO WITH A GOAL!!" he would be so proud

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