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Originally Posted by Colorado Sports Fan View Post
I'm 50/50 on jersey fouls. I own plenty, my CCM Claude Lemieux Devils jersey has the NHL 2000 patch on it even though the jerseys were made by Pro Player when the league had those patches. My Bobby Orr 1972 throwback has the name on it not just the number. My Pro Player Adam Foote has the 2001 ASG patch on it, even though the jerseys were CCM in 2001.

But they don't bother me. It's really to each his own. I wouldn't do a super jersey foul though, like a player in a jersey he's never worn. Or MY name on a jersey.

Nice hauls above guys. Love that and all.
Originally Posted by Bonzai12 View Post
That MoDo jersey is seriously one of the best looking jerseys I've ever laid eyes on.
Thanks guys, I am totally in love with the MoDo and here's a dancing pickle and a dancing banana to prove it. We need a jersey emoticon. Will definitely be looking for more MoDos from the other years he played in the SEL. I agree with the Fan, little fouls are ok by me and should be an individual call. I have similar patch fouls - Stanley Cup 2001 patches on 2 of my Starter Mesh jerseys, and a '96 cup patch on another Mesh, just not the '95 edition of the jersey. Those don't really bother me, though. I do intend on taking off Forsberg's "A" from the jersey with the '96 patch, though. That foul is starting to bug me since he didn't wear the "A" in '96. Funny how one foul irritates me, but others don't. Then there are collectors like Jay and TheU who won't put up with anything other than pure accuracy, which is cool too.

As for putting your own name on a jersey, NEVER. Only thing worse is "Hollywood" and "69". I think the real challenge is finding a player who shares your last name and getting his jersey...especially when that player plays for your team. -- If only the Avs had signed Joey Crabb this past summer. Maybe the Preds will sign him this July. I could do a Preds jersey.

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