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07-18-2006, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I agree. If BG and co. feel a line gets crossed, it should be dealt with. If I'm a beat reporter with J de M, and 2 clowns cross the line, I think a quiet word can express that they just made everyone else's job tougher.

If a columnist writes critical stuff, well opinions are just that. Who cares ? If we start listing concrete instances of line crossing, and instances where they go easy on the truth, I think we'd be surprised at how seldom it happens. Shows like 110% are a good idea, in that it's supposed to be a few guys sitting around talking sports like buddies in a tavern. Problems start when listeners starting attaching importance to their ramblings. Then, they start believing in their importance because so many discuss every off hand comment.

How long since Bergeron or Perron had jobs in the league ? You think players know who they are ?

Montreal has + and -'s, and there are circumstances that attract players here and those that repel them,like other cities. Some cities seem to attract and then keep players, St.Louis is a popular place it seems, in all sports. The west coast has a blend of climate,life style and good young teams that attracts right now.

I believe our reaction or obsession with everything reported is more of an issue than what's reported.
I suppose it's inevitable that the over-reaction to the press is proportional to the press coverage itself, goes with the territory in major sports markets. I agree that the press get it right more often than not and that the times when they cross that line in the sand are few and far between.

I do feel that the press has become slightly more rabid during BG's tenure, I wonder if Gainey's stocism feeds into the amount of speculation that the press engages in.

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