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02-26-2013, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
You want a negative? How many big, physical skilled forwards does the Habs have. Max Pac, that's it.
As of now...not a lot. But how the heck can you build a team for the future with so many of those physical tough forwards? Chances are, other teams want to keep those guys. So you will have to draft them or acquire them through UFA....hence trying to have more money to get them whether it's through UFA or trades. So you then have to send away the guys that have played more games than there are games left in their system. Since 2003, look at the number of guys we drafted that are either tough guys or even skilled gritty big guys and you will find out that it was never a priority around here. Let's hope that it is for Bergevin but it takes time to change a mentality and it takes time to form those types of players. One step at a time, we won't be AND succesful AND tough and gritty over 2 or 3 trades.

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