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02-26-2013, 10:08 PM
Everyone! PANIC!
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Originally Posted by NHL1674 View Post
Dismantling is what you wanted to do not long ago.....get rid of our leadership was your suggestion. Ship out Koivu...clean out the top 6 for the most part.

And to be honest, Cullen isn't a top 6 player. No freaking way.
Yep. Because I mean, it didn't work out so well for Boston when they got rid of their franchise player and leader.

What I want to do is build around Parise (as shown by his effort tonight). We need to see a lot more of what Koivu did in OT.

And Cullen has been a solid top 6 forward this year...maybe top 9.

Originally Posted by Dr Jan Itor View Post
That's only if you do everything you just said, which isn't very likely.
And which is what fans want. So, what I'm just saying is what the fans want.

Originally Posted by TaLoN View Post
Considering their contract status, and the direction Fletcher has been building this team, most of those you mentioned are already not in the Wild's long term future, so no that is not dismantling.
One of the issues with this team has been chemistry and is going to be chemistry until we have a stable roster. None of one year-two year churn.

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