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02-26-2013, 10:14 PM
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Anyone worried that last year's team relied to much on a Lundqvist career season? If you look at the offensive stats, they were nearly identical. Granted there were 2 big differences. 1) We seemed to be more inconsistent 2 years ago with really high highs and really low lows, last year the team would more consistently score a couple but wouldn't pad their stats in 7-0 or 8-2 wins. 2) The league as a whole scored less. So YES the offense was better than the year before. However, how much better? Barely 8th to 2 points away from the PT, better? If you look at the D the difference is pretty significant. Especially if you look at Hank's stats. He's never come close to those stats. This year (though a worse D doesn't help), even though I'd say he's been solid most of the season (today and first 3 games not included), his stats are not anywhere near those stats. Does anyone worry that the real reason for such a huge jump is a career year by Lundqvist that may never be duplicated? Add to that, the fact that Gaborik and Richards are over 30 and playing like scrubs. The picture gets bleaker. Doesn't look like we have the offense to make up for Lundqvist regressing to the mean. I was hoping for a golden age of Rangers hockey where the team is a SC contender for a few years. Now I'm hoping we blow this team up. Gaborik and Richards, their age and their productivity makes me want to get rid of them.

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