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02-26-2013, 10:19 PM
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In the short term I don't think it makes the Habs better. You lose size and speed and the physical aspect of Cole that I thought was really important. You gain a pure goal scorer with questionable defensive awareness. At least last time I watched him play.

In the long run though I can see why this makes sense. I have questions about his drive and whether his heart was still in it every night. Those comments following the lockout were weird, every other player was excited to get back to it. And then he had a pretty rough start..Looked like he was turning it around lately though. Maybe he knew he was being scouted who knows. You free up quite a bit of salary from a guy who's not getting younger and maybe or maybe not has some questions about his drive to play. A trade is always a bit of a gamble, and Bergevin gambled that this was the right move not necessarily for now, but for the future. Which is good.

A kid who's 20-25 with possible drive issues is one thing, a 34-36 year old (who's paid a fair amount of your salary mass) with possible drive issues is another.

It's been a slice Erik! Welcome back Ryder!

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