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02-26-2013, 10:23 PM
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Don't like the playoff format. Seems too messed up.

So, for examples' sake, our division would have us, bruins, sens, leafs and Wings in the playoffs. We'd basically have to play more games in order to reach to the conference finals? Or does one of the wild cards get sent to another division? If so, that means an "intruder" team from another division could win the division title? Seems too messed up... Makes no sense.

Or maybe, the idea would be, if there's 5 teams in the division going into the playoffs. It would 2nd vs 5th, 3rd vs 4th, and 1st waits? No doesn't work, still ends up with odd number teams. Or do we send 3rd to another division for the playoffs?? Ugh...

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