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07-18-2006, 11:22 AM
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i don't know about that...i love hockey and my g/f doesnt she finds it boring and leaves the room at first i was like yeah ill get her in to it...but now i won't because

When im bored i used to play xbox mainly Halo 2...she called me a loser for playing such a stupid game well one day i got sick of her calling me a loser and i said "how bout you try this game once and see if you still call me a loser"
Now my friends that was the first and last mistake ill ever make trying to get my girlfriend into the things i like because now she takes it over shes addicted to this game and i can't get her to stop...
So now i don't want to get her into hockey for that reason..because the way she yells at the people on live reminds me of how she would yell if Ryder missed a shot when he could have passed

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