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02-26-2013, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Madhatter73 View Post
The more I think about it, the more I love the new conference lineup.

Aside from the annoying Habs fans in our building more often, it actually solves a TON of problems for the Cats.

- More TV Exposure: Playing Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Detroit and Boston will assure us MUCH more TV time

- Better home attendance: It sucks to have more away fans then home fans, but selling more tickets is good for the team as a whole. Also, There's already an inherent natural rivalry with the Snow birds thanks to I-95 traffic.

- There is zero crossing of time zones. Travel time will not be significantly greater. We have to fly everywhere but Tampa anyway and Detroit only adds 45 minutes (compared to Atlanta/Carolina) to the flight.

- We get to see 4 of the original 6 at home more often. Say what you will, but the storied history of these franchises do carry buzz.

- Less desperation for sponsors: With bigger names, better attendance and better TV coverage it will make the building more valuable. Love the ads or hate them, they do help ticket prices and amenities offered to fans a great deal.

- No more Southleast: With 4 of the original six in our division, no one can deride our division as a whole any more.

- Pressure to succeed: With more time in the spotlight, we will HAVE to ice a better team to be competitive. This lends itself to better roster acquisitions and a much improved chance of reaching father into the playoffs should we succeed.

Stronger rivalries: The teams in our new division would have MANY more fans in the local area. This is what creates rivalries and makes games fun to go to. think of the Dolphins/Jets for an example. That rivalry exists mostly due to the sheer number of away fans that live down here.

It will be an adjustment, but I think it's better for the team as a whole.
I agree on a lot of your points. I think you hit upon hit perfectly. I think its really exciting to me when Leafs fans for example look back 50 years from now theyll remember perhaps the epic playoff duels with the florida panthers.

I think being in a historic division and becoming a good team the way the panthers are headed will lend for us to make some history and be written into the hockey history books as well.

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