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Things that don't make sense in wrestling

I thought it would be fun to make a list of things that don't make sense in wrestling, as if it were all real.

-Anytime a wrestler wants to talk to another wrestler, there is always a cameraman present.

-When Shawn Michaels is "tuning up the band", the opponent never realizes that the Sweet Chin Music superkick is coming up and will always stand up and walk towards Michaels. I would roll out of the ring if I ever heard Michaels stomping on the mat.

-Sometimes, when the heel cheats to win a match, another referee will run down and tell the official ref of the match about the cheating. The official ref then reverses the decision. Why doesn't this happen every time a heel cheats to win the match?

-Two wrestlers backstage are talking about some sort of secret even though there is someone filming the whole conversation right infront of them. Example: in 2003, when Jericho and Christian were being really nice to Trish and Lita over a few weeks...but later, there was a backstage segment with Jericho and Christian having a conversation mentioning they were just being nice because they had a bet to see who can hook up with Trish or Lita first. Trish overheard this as she was standing right outside the room Jericho and Christian were in. But even if she wasn't there, the whole conversation and recorded and broadcast on TV.

-The first time Kane took his mask off, he had burns all over his face. The burns disappeared the next week.

-Edge and Christian used to be brothers. Now they are just childhood best friends.

-Hulk Hogan tried to kill The Rock by ramming his car with a truck. About a month later, they became good friends.

-Every wrestler must climb ladders at the pace of an 80-year old woman.

-Kane went to his highschool prom, even though he was a masked monster (Katie Vick storyline).

-If a wrestler bumps into a referee, the referee will get knocked out.

-If a wrestler in a tag team or stable, sometimes the referee bans the wrestler's teammates from ringside to prevent any interference. This only happens sometimes, not in every match for some reason.

-Kofi Kingston lost his Jamaican accent. Jinder Mahal has developed a Punjabi accent.

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