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02-26-2013, 11:03 PM
Damnit, Jian Yang!
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Oh man! I don't think I told you guys this yet!

So I've been playing in a Roller Hockey league, my first try at any type of organized Hockey ever. I've missed the last 2 weeks with the crap in my abdomen, so I played this past Sunday.

I scored my FIRST EVER GOAL!!

I'm essentially one of those "useless players", I'm on the team because the Captain is the Brother-In-Law of my best friend, and he likes me enough, and he needed an extra body.

I play quite a bit, because it's standard 4-on-4 and we have 7 people on our team, so we're rotating quite a bit.

But it's also modified rules. There's no offsides or icing or anything like that. And there's also no body checking. Play can get a little physical, but you can't body check anyone.

During the game, within the first 30 seconds though, I accidentally collided with a guy on the other team. I mean we laid each other out. The puck was sent into the offensive zone deep, and I was turning around to go in and get it, and did have my head down a bit (I know, I know...) and the guy had his head turned around seeing where his puck carrier was going to take it, when I looked up and he turned around we collided...and it was BAD. We both dropped each other like a ton of bricks.

I was worried I had suffered a minor concussion because I had a terrible, splitting headache for the rest of the game. (everything's fine now).

And then about 4 min later, we were down 2-1 and somehow the puck ended up in front of the goalie, not far out of my reach, and I gathered it and took a shot, unfortunately I didn't get a lot of it, but I got enough because it got through and it was awesome! A truly great feeling. I never thought I'd get on the scoresheet ever, but I did in my 3rd game!

Unfortunately we lost the game though, 9-6.


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