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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
I wouldn't say "hockey fans" think like that. It's mainly just the ATD/History crowd - AKA the educated hockey fans. How many times have you seen Mark Messier in top-5 lists outside this section?
I would say that having uninformed opinions and shamelessly sharing/defending it isn't exclusive to the average sport fan but to every average person talking about any existing fields.People like to think they are informed and their opinion matters , because if they faced the truth (that they are extremely out of touch) it would completely destroy their mental house of cards and therefore their sanity.The more informed you are , the more you realize how much you have to learn and the more you are competant to spot the few people who knows even more than you.

That's why only obsessive people knows what it takes to truly know something.Obsessive people will respect the knowledge of other obsessive people in other fields (even if the former aren't obsessive about THAT field) , to the contrary of average joes that aren't passionated/obsessive about anything and therefore won't have that respect.Basically , obsessive people recognizes the value of obsessiveness.

This is why the older I get , the less subjects I'm truly passionated about.I keep around 5/6 subjects that I spend most of my mental energy on and leave the rest to other people.Sure , I can talk baseball , but I know deep down I'm a fish in the history of baseball debates.My place isn't there.

I'm not trying to be condescending to the mass or to boost my ego , but it is what it is.I think this is a reality.As I already said , being an amateur hockey historian is a monk's labor and lonewolf's game.While we are lucky to live in this era when we can talk to each other , we're still all alone in real life about this hockey history thing (or at least I am).It is also a thankless hobby.Who cares about what we do here?(And by who I mean people around the NHL or that has been around the NHL).While we're far from perfect where in the entire world did a group of human beings analyzed hockey history as in-depth as we did? Why shouldn't we be the ones on TV when they make a little hockey history special or Top 20 players from X or Y era/teams? Why not? Because nobody cares.But certainly not because our opinions aren't better than theirs (or at least more informed).

I tried to present my past-ATD teams to some of my friends that are supposely REAL hockey fans.We are talking about guys that thinks STRONGLY that they are very knowledgable about hockey history.They made such a face when they saw my entire first line was composed of three players they had never heard about.They told me your team sucks , look at this one you're competing against , they have Pavel Bure , or they have Doug Gilmour (just picked random modern names).

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