Thread: Post-Game Talk: 2/26/13 - Minnesota 2 - Calgary 1 F/OT
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02-26-2013, 11:33 PM
Paul Bunyan
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Just got back from the game tonight. I must say, it was probably the 2nd best I've been to all season (Chicago first, then tonight, 3-2 over Columbus, 1-0 over Dallas, and the 3-1 loss to the Preds).

It was weird though, as most of the game fans seemed pretty upset but the finish was basically what left everyone walking out on a massive high. It was like being a little kid and having someone steal your trick-or-treat candy and then landing in a real life version of Candyland the game.

I have to go back and watch the game on DVR, but from my friends texting me, they said the Parise chopped off goal, that we all were right there to and able to see and thought went in, didn't and it was a good call by the refs.

After that moment, you could feel the stands deflate. That goal goes in and I think the Wild win by 2 more goals. After that goal was not given I knew it would be a rough go of it the rest of the game, and it was to be honest.

The Minnesota/IU result got people going, and then it died off again, aside from some amazing penalty killing by the team that brought on some big cheers.

Right when I turned to my friend and said "It sucks that your last game this year might be a 1-0 loss" the Wild put it in and it's gone from defeat to absolute bedlam.

Then the game winner and the night was amazing. It's those moments that make sports especially live worth going to.

I thought Backs was solid, and made the big stops he had to in order to keep them in it, and the Wild ground out this win.

I wasn't that impressed with Calgary live, but every time I see Parise it's like watching him skate for the first time. I've heard people on KFAN and other networks saying when he plays each game he skates as if it's his last and always goes balls to the wall, and every game I see him he does exactly that.

I absolutely love watching him live, maybe one of my all time favorites.

4-1 for me this season...can't wait for the bazillion games I go to in March.

I look forward to reading the other threads to get some takes on the game and the Coyle call (I've heard some debate already).

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