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02-27-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
I'm a huge conspiracy nerd.

Also, the government has been working on mind control techniques since after World War Two when Nazi scientists were brought to America under Project Paperclip. Look up Monarch and Bluebird.

Brainwave manipulation is absolutely possible and is done every day on a mass scale through television.
I love the way you think, and am happy I finally have someone to talk to about this without feeling awkward. Just to add to Monarch and Bluebird, check out MK-Ultra. They literally fried innocent people's brains with high doses of drugs to experiment. Also, how about Northwoods? The government may very well be a sinister being in our country and many people are too concerned with Facebook and Twitter.

Chemtrails are real. They are fascinating and spawn many a theory. I would love to get some more opinions out of you and Aiulorophile (sorry If I butchered your name brothaman).

Also, as Swiss Freakin Watch said, the documents are right there in front of us, but people are too lazy to read in America and therefore, never even learn about these evil projects.

You guys are all savages! Goin in like a doctor!

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