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12-20-2003, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by RichPanther
What proof do you have that the team is bordering on bankruptcy?? The team was paid for in CASH...its not financed with loans, money owed to the state, etc. The team is losing money but so are a lot of teams in the league. Worst case scenario is the team could be sold but its not on the verge of bankruptcy in any way, shape or form. Saying these type of things makes you lose credibility when you have zero proof.

As far as FL being a contender in a yr or 2, I disagree and think it should be at least 3 yrs more before ALL the talent is assembled & ready to compete (playoff caliber team). This would be exactly 5 yrs since Dudley joined the team so I would think thats a more reasonable estimation.

On the matter of Luongo, he may not be the absolute best in the league but he's among the top 10 at the very least with his talent & numbers, considering his situation.
i'm at my g/f's place; when i get back to mine, i'll refrence the article from the herald.