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Originally Posted by garry1221 View Post
Is it april fools day or something? I still can't believe this is a serious proposal. I said it before, I'll say it again. How the hell does thhe league explain any of this to the casual or new fan and have it make sense to them? After all, they're the ones the league is trying to draw in, correct? When it's such a cluster that long time, true, hardcore fans are having problems wrapping our heads around it, I don't see how it can work long term...or short term for that matter. I don't get how 1 more game vs a select conference makes a conference? Especially when you're taking away games from those teams in your own division. How does the absolute worst proposal, next to sticking w the status quo, get approved?? I know it's not official yet, and if there's a higher power I pray it doesn't get approved.

Many have said this regarding the alignment issue, but it should also be used for the scheduling matrix as well. Keep it simple stupid. Apparently the league and possibly even the PA fall somewhere below that moniker.

I still don't know where this will all end, but would this be simple enough for you?
PAC - All PTZ and MTZ teams = 8
CENT - All CTZ teams + 1 of Det/Cmb/Car = 7
EXPLORER DIV - Bos, Buff, Mont, Ott, Tor, Fla, TB = 7 (I call it that because of the early settlement by the English and French along the St Lawrence and in Mass, and by the Spanish in Florida)
ATL - Pit, Phil, Was, Car, NYI, NYR, NJ, the other 2 of Det/Cmb/Car = 8

Schedule = home/home with everyone, the rest in your division.
Playoffs = Top 8 in each half. If Det/Cmb/Car qualify from the CENT, set up the First Round so that they cannot play PTZ.

Easy enough?

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