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02-26-2013, 11:55 PM
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OK - I know this will never happen. But, if they want some travel equity, then the solution is to distribute the CTZ teams across the 3 Easternmost conferences.

The CTZ teams come in pairs: Min/Win; Chi/StL; Dal/Nas.

However, given that the SE teams have struggled since their inception, and the Dal/Nas pair might be the least stable of the 3 pairs, I think it wrong to put them together to form a new SE. So, I choose this:
EAST 1 = Mont, Bos, Tor, Buf, Ott, Dal, Nas
EAST 2 = Chi, StL, Flo, TB, Was, Car, Det
EAST 3 = Win, Min, NYR, NYI, NJ, Cmb, Pit, Phil

Obviously, this is a little more travel than is optimal, but it would be more equal.

Schedule would be as proposed in Dec 2011.

Playoffs: PAC = Top 4 (4/8 = 50%)
EAST 1,2,3 = Top 3 + next 3 teams (12/22 =55.5%)
Seed the East with the champions being guaranteed home ice in Round 1 only.
Play 2 rounds, you have 4 teams left. Reseed, and go for the Cup in 2 rounds.

Playoff qualification more fair if PHX moves to QUE. Then the west has 57%, and the east is 12/23 = 52.4%, plus the wild card, which smoothes that a little bit.

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