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Originally Posted by tsanuri View Post
And sadly in our sue happy country that is bad. Since common sense goes out the door in most cases and we aren't responsible for our own actions. And since the NFL rules require that you be out of high school for 3 years, most if not all, the players have gone to college.
Maybe they should have paid attention in class and learned something. The evidence has been growing for years to anyone that cared to look. But they don't care they only see the $$$$ and when they get hurt they are once again looking at the $$$$ by trying to sue.
There should be some liability from the league but there needs to be some from the players as well.
I agree it's sad you live in a country dependant on legal action to receive compensation for work related injuries. Lower class workers that get hurt can't work, and in turn can't afford a lawsuit. That's why nearly ever civilized nation adopts a mandatory compensation system. Some, such as New Zealand, have become so progressive they've integrated it into their general health care system.


It's not common sense, it's that you have no choice but to work in the conditions provided. Even if you were fully aware, can you refuse unsafe work? Where else can a professional football player go and work if not in professional football? Like someone already mentioned, knowing that some risks exist is not a reasonable excuse for not doing anything about trying to prevent or mitigate them.

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