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Originally Posted by garry1221 View Post
So for East Conference

Vs West Conference: 28
Vs own Division: 35 - 5 vs all
Vs other division: 19 5x2=10 + 3x3=9

Close to the matrix you used for the West. Unsure of how to do the rotation for the 19 games. Roughly the same schedule. Conferences differ by 4 games
Sorry. I was replying to Tawnos. He or she said that although a strict
2x32, 3x7 and the rest in the division can't work, that it's easier to do
3x7 + 1 for one team and cut one game off another team's in division matrix than to do a matrix for a 32 + 20 + 30 where you play everyone in the divisoin 5 times.
It's the matrix the NHL is proposing, I guess.

For the East, I think it's:
2x14 = 28
3 x 8 = 24, leaving 30 games.
30 games with 7 teams means 5teamsx4games + 2teamsx5games.
?? how do you make that work out?
Answer, using the proposed Central:
Line everyone up by alphabet:
The 2 teams you play 5 times are the team directly above you and directly below you on this list. For Tor, Bos is directly below them. The extra game is played at the home of the higher team.

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