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02-27-2013, 12:58 AM
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Originally Posted by iceman9999 View Post
You guys are hot stuff!!,,

why are your picking on bickel?? on any other team and I mean ANY team he would be a SOLID-D-man not a superstar. but everytime he is on the ice him an others has to 2nd guess themselfs because of the jerke-off on the bench yelling at him as well as yelling at everyone else..

When did bickel NOT ever defend a ranger?? he always has and its clear that Torts dont want him or anyone for that matter to fight..

Cant you guys see that he got rid of ORR, SHELLEY, SCOTT, RUPP, Now we got asham hurt, but we have MIKE HALEY why not bring him up??.. because he wants a pu$$y team with no bangers.. LET PLAY SKATING DEFENSIVE GAME AND DONT WORRY ABOUT TEAMS TAKING LIBERTIES AGAINST US!!!..

someone on the board said even Henrik/King is down and not playing, maybe he is also tired of his bull$hit benching of players..

The other night with the injuries and he benches the only 40 goal scorer (gabby)he has for the 3rd period. thats NOT a coach thats an idiot...
if I owned that team his f%$kin ass would have been fired, I"ll be dam if my $7M guy will be sitting on the bench collecting wood. I DONT GIVE A CRAP WHAT HE DID...

tonite he benches Krieder in a one goal game another moron move. that kid can and will turn a game around when torts get fired.. and he will score 30 goals

The only person losing these games is TORTS! because he is an idiot..

Torts is an a$$hole and injuries are not whats disturbing this team, they are tired of his Torts Bull.. he has overstayed his welcome and he needs to stop living on the lucky 2004 stanley Cup ring..

Torts verbally abuses players & physically pushed MDZ on the bench I think it was last season. he would NOT dare do that to one of the goons..

They are 8-8 and if he loses a couple more of these home stretch games torts I hope should be gone, and they can put a f%$kin kangaroo! behind the bench and he will do a better job then that moron...

THIS TEAM IS NOT TUFF AND THE HAVE LOST THERE WAY..This is what happened 3 yrs ago when Renney got $ht canned, the players were not responding anymore
Your last point is the best point of why Torts needs to go, they aren't responding to him anymore

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