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At Sams age and with his resume specificly his veteran status, this will be Sams biggest career move, he will be negotiating for possibly his career beynd here, and must be aware of this, the Oilers are. Both sides are in good positions, the Oilers can give him a loaded contract that will set him for 4-6 years and then they can sit and watch how things turn out here, if we begin to win and Sam is the catalyst he seems to be right now, then both sides win, if we keep losing and want to trade him we can do it any time we choose on a dime and as long as we pull the trigger fast while he is producing points we wont have a hard time unloading his resume.

Both sides are smart and i say we see 2 years at 6mil or 5+ years at 4.5mil

Both are winning deals, one is short and heavy and one is long and easy to unload.

I am not sure the Oilers understand exactly how deeply Gagner has evolved into the leadership role and although they have groomed him and should have expected this to happen they have been taken totally off guard, if they refuse to aknowledge how important Sam is to the team and lose him they may see a serious void develop. Same with MPS, he has evolved and they cannot erase this fact, while others are devolving or holding their own these two and a few others are still growing.

We can talk bigger players and whatever but the truth is that this players has been totally homegrown and is one of the torchberers of this Franchise. He is still showing UPWARD evolution and this is unavoidable , it has to be aknowledged, and it must be added as a footnote that he played on pretty vanilla teams for most of his career here

The size debate is not valid anymore, Sam deals with contact and focuses on maintaining superior positioning on recovery to regain puck possesion, this is a decieving style to analyse, players like this need to be allowed to pursue the puck for takebacks and are hampered by set play responsibilitys that force them to lose the puck and stop pursuit.

If the Oilers give Sam the tools he needs to manifest sucess and points he will consistantly provide those numbers irregardless of linemates. They are in a bind and are way behind and the Devil might want his due, ha ha ha ha, if Sam gets a sympathetic dynamic to develop he will finish the year leading the team in points and we will make the playoffs. As Sam goes so the Oilers go. If someone took a template of Sams line and put it over our 1st line and filled in the empty spaces we would start to win consistantly.

If the Oil want to trade Gagner the easy money rides on St.Louis actually overpaying to get Sam, they are playing a system that is very compatable to Sams game now, they have evolved like Sam has. He could step into their system as if he spent his entire career there. Doug Weight had an epiphany during the playoffs last year while he was commentating games, he had a system awareness revelation as he watched the Kings keep winning the same way repeatedly a way he faintly recognised, a way he had inside data on already but hadnt yet verified. The Hawks would also be competeing for Sam as he is an instant system fit there as well. LA would actually probably have a shot at repeating if they could land his as well, he fits there perfectly. None of these fits consider Sams size, they all consider the systems the teams use and how Sam sees the ice and would fit in.

The Oilers dont have the guts to admit they underestimated Samwise and had already erected a glass ceiling over him, one he shattered this year and grew straight through. Sam should with an eye on the long term future be wearing the A over everyone else except Laddy, we cant give it to the vets who will be moving on soon and the core is to young, Sam is the perfect fit. If i were Gagner i would make them pay for not putting an A on my resume, make em pay bigtime , like 6 mill a year and dig in for that number. The Oilers have tried to hide Sam and his evolution in the weeds as they put out other contractual fires, but they are out of the weeds now and have to make a tough choice, to commit or not commit long term.

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