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02-27-2013, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by JonathanHuberdoh View Post
Just finished watching the replay of the game.

This team man, I swear they will be the death of me. Our powerplay saved our ass today big time. Theo played horribly. He didn't let in one goal that should have gone in (maybe the 4th since it was a bit of a fluke but good position stops that 9/10). All the shots were from a distance and he should have stopped them all. Clemmer made almost as many saves in the 3rd period alone. Gotta keep riding Clemmer as he is clearly the better goaltender right now between the two.

It was nice to see Shore's line NOT carry the offense for a change. Love seeing Kopecky have such a great season. Guy gives it his all and tonight showed that. I also loved the spark from the guys after T-Vo punched Kopy. That full-line scrum was fun to watch. Little bit of passion in these games for a change.

I made sure to watch Timmins and Robak closely today and I was pleased with both. Timmins shows great hustle and, although he's never going to be a big time player, I see him as a serviceable call-up that could very well play on our 4th line later on down there road. He's got a spark about him that he definitely didn't have 2 seasons ago when he played 19 games with us.

Robak is incredibly poised with the puck. I know our Rampage guy said he's not NHL-ready because he makes a lot of defensive mistakes, I haven't seen much of those from him yet. Although I do trust him so I'm sure we'll see our fair share of Colby's mistakes down the road. I like his skating and as I said his patience with the puck is nice to see. He's already better on the offensive side than Guds (but that is kind of expected).

Flash played well today. Nice to see him pot one and get some points.

Campbell played well too. I think some of his concerns to start the season were with the fact that he had to play with Kuba. Soupy's a smart d-man. He realizes if his partner's not up to snuff on the defensive side, he can't rush up ice as much as he used to. Compare his offensive rushes last season to this. He barely does it anymore. I think he trusted Garrison more, which resulted in his confidence to rush up the ice without having to worry about our end. Hopefully he develops a trust with Weaver and can start up his offensive game again.

We're still a very bad team though. We gave up a 3 goal lead which is unacceptable. Nice to see us hold onto the win for a change instead of giving up yet another last minute goal only to lose in overtime 20 seconds in.
The entire division is bad again which is in the Panthers favor. If they can put it together a little bit they could be back in the payoff picture. It's very likely we'll have meaningful games up until the very end of the season which makes me feel better.

I'm not even counting on good goal tending anymore. I'd like to see them go away from the defensive game and open the throttle. I think that's this team's best bet for success this year.

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