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02-27-2013, 02:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Dampland View Post
I don't use Granlund as a scapegoat; because I never felt his hype was warranted. And I've seen NOTHING this season from him to change my opinion of that.

But all the Finnish Baby Jesus fanatics keep coming up with excuses for him, so they finally get their wish and plays major power play time, and is once again unimpressive, scared, and not productive. What excuse are people going to use now for him?

And as far as the Zucker goal that Granlund was on the ice for ..... take a look at the replay... pretty sure we got away with ANOTHER Granlund offsides. I've never seen a player offsides more than Granlund in my life. It is amazing.
Granlund will not fail because you for some odd reason seem to want him to. Nor will he succeed because I say he will. But saying he's brutal when he very clearly is not is just frustration talking.

Just get a grip and take a closer look. Or move further away, which ever works for you. Both of the 5 men PP units were actually functioning pretty good today. Much better than before. Moved the puck and took shots. True they didn't score, but they came very very close on several plays. And Granlund was good out there.

The offside crap you came up with is just utter bollocks. Shake that frustration. It does not look good on you.

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