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02-27-2013, 02:57 AM
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Originally Posted by SK13 View Post
J17 Vs Proclamation's POV is really silly (and you know he's out to lunch because he called Doctor Who an "abomination"), but I'd say there is a pretty significant pretentiousness about British TV from both UK and North American fans about the UK's inherent superiority, and it's kind of hard to take seriously when you actually look at a schedule. The crap just doesn't make it out of the UK the same way it does the US.

One thing I do love about British TV in contrast to American TV are all the variety and trivia shows with stand-up acts. QI is still my favorite.
Doctor who is the perfect example of TV stagnation. A rehashed idea whereby the acting is medicore, and the storylines are poor ; "Oh look, we're in London again!".

North Americans have this idealist view about our TV, when in reality it's very similar to your TV environment. Reality shows and useless documentaries aimed at the stupid masses are king. Our TV is definitely less patriotic in tone, but it's still largely cheap TV. We have our own subset of comedy (Sadly, less and less uality of it) and some good panel shows. Otherwise, it's the same.

US drama >>> British drama. Imaginary threats can whine through a tinted vail of patriotism (useless concept when discussing TV) but British television dramas here aren't good. I actually happen to enjoy Sherlock, but that and Doctor Who just show the constant repetition of ideas (along with detective shows) in our TV culture.

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