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Originally Posted by MrTaterSalad View Post
What if the NHL were to simply scrap conferences altogether? You simply play in a league with divisions only. Every team plays their divisional opponent six times as they do now. They then play every other team with one home and one away game. For teams that have more than four teams in their division that leaves them with four extra games in which they play two home and two away at their biggest non-division rivalries. Detroit plays Boston three times a year, New York Rangers play Montreal three times a year, etc. Then for the playoffs all teams are re-seeded in a 1 through 16 format based on record. There would be no divisional playoff games, the best 16 teams get in and faceoff against one another.

Division Games (4 Team Divisions): 24 games/12 home, 12 away
Division Games (5 Team Divisions): 30 games/15 home, 15 away
Non-Division Games (4 and 5 teams): 52 games/26 home, 26 away against every team in the league
Non-Division Extra Games (4 Team): 4 games/2 home, two away against biggest rivals

Why the f### is Pittsburgh in the SE? You might as well keep them in the Atlantic or put them in the Central or the NE but not the f###ing SE.

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