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02-27-2013, 05:58 AM
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I can point to one play that for sure helped in the decision to trade Cole.
I forgot which game exactly but does anybody remember a goal about a week ago maybe a bit more when the opposing player skates right passed Cole who was standing about 5 feet in front of Price, and yes it was this player that scored on a good pass for the corner.
Cole did not move, did not lift a finger to chase or stick check or ANYTHING, he just let the guy do everything for free.
I does not matter if Cole knew what was happening and did not care or that Cole standing 5 ft from Price in a perfect position to stop the player, his mind was NOT IN THE GAME. This is what has been the E.Cole this year. NOT IN THE GAME. Add to this, Cole had a NTC, if he really wanted to stay here he would have. For whatever reason, It's Cole that gave up on the Habs not the reverse. Who the heck knows, maybe it's the wife that demanded this trade due to the Quebec thing.
We don't know what, So MB does his best to get something back and well he did get quite a bit back. MB has added to his war chest both with money and hands Mr. Timmons what he likes best in a really good draft year. Now is anybody interested in Kaberle for a 3 round pick????
If MB pulls this off WOW just WOW...........

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