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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
I didn't say he could be stopped easily, but he isn't as multi dimensional.

From what I have seen of MacKinnon his hockey IQ is only slightly above average. His hands and speed are well above average. He is a decent playmaker but not anywhere close to Drouin. His assistys will dry up in the pros as his speed won't create as much space for him as in junior.

Where do you get that macKinnon has more intangibles? Which ones? Drouin's work ethic is off the charts.
From what you have seen? What- a few games at the Moncton Coliseum!

Nate's hockey IQ isn't as high as Drouin's but it is still very high and his work ethic is comparable to Drouin's.

I have seen Nathan play way more than you have over the last year and a half and you are big time wrong on him but you spout silliness on more than one board don't ya!

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