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Originally Posted by dotcommunism View Post
My point is that what a college-aged man thinks of as "cheering" might be, you know, simply being a huge jackass to other people. I mean, I'm only a 26 year old woman, but the fact is that I'm really hesitant of any environment that overly enables young men to be as rowdy and raucous as they want, because then you end up with crap like Bills games, and those are pretty awful, really.
I undestand your point but would say that it's not really the case. They are different fans at the rink than the stadium. There are nowhere near the number of idiots that could be incited as you suggest. Of course there are some but if it really is a problem they can be moved or ejected and I rarely see that.
I'm not discounting what you're saying at all but if it happens it happen sec 314 or something and you should know that too. Life is very different up in the rafters than the club level or the 100's.

As someone pointed out it is bank like in there. Sterile like.
However having been a season ticket holder who screams my brains out as a rule but not this year other than the Leaf game, (and how'd that work out lol) and despite the building tendencies it really is a simple matter and has been shown over they years.

If the team comes out and shows some passion they get encouragement from the fans. If they come out and show no heart no soul no care, they as a rule get that right back and it becomes a library. When this process occurs time and time again people get trained to the defeatest mentality and it compounds each game.
The players and the players only can break the chain and change the course.
The fans imo, merely follow their lead.

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