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02-27-2013, 07:01 AM
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Originally Posted by SabreBlood View Post
Hardly. The PK had been below average through 18 games.
I assume you're trying to spin an inference that the PK was below average because of Hecht. Yet, as I stated earlier, of the regular penalty-killing forwards, only Kaleta had a better GA/60 at 4-on-5. That's not an argument. That's an objective fact. You try to poke holes in that because it doesn't jibe with your belief that Hecht has no usefulness to this team. Meanwhile, guys like Pominville and Hodgson get lit up like a Christmas tree on the PK, and you're only too happy to see them continue to be sent out there. (Nevermind the fact that we often waste a Vanek shift after a PK because he's not out there with Hodgson-Poms because they have to rest after the PK.)

Originally Posted by SabreBlood View Post
Hecht's presence on this team, for some, hinged on his "elite" penalty killing ability. The new coach doesn't use him once, as the Sabres blank the 7th best powerplay in the league 6 times.
Again, sample size: 1. If we give up a goal or two on the PK to Florida on Thursday night, and Hecht doesn't play the PK, are people correct to assert that the PK desperately missed Hecht?

I love how you keep citing TB's PP rank. I'm sure the fact that their division rivals are ranked 23rd (WSH), 25th (CAR), 29th (FLA), and 30th (WPG) on the PK has little to do with their high PP rank? Hecht played the PK against NYI (omg, 6th ranked!) and the team didn't surrender a goal until Ott-Stafford were on the ice in the final minute for a meaningless goal. Frankly, I'm shocked you've yet to attribute that PPGA to Hecht having played on the PK earlier in the game.

Also, if Stamkos converts a shot that almost everyone would agree he usually cashes, nobody, including you, is talking about the "great PK" tonight. Fortunately--for the Sabres, for Kevin Porter who was watching helplessly, and for you to come in here and spin this opportunistic garbage--he did miss.

Originally Posted by SabreBlood View Post
They have plenty of penalty killers without Hecht. Even more now, with Porter here.

Re-signing Hecht was wrong.
Sure, if you like the poor performance that Poms and Hodgson have exhibited thus far on the PK. But according to objective numbers, Kaleta is the only forward who seems to be on the ice for fewer goals than Hecht. He should be utilized there.

Hecht has also done a good job of goal prevention at ES. He's also paid $1m and is a 4th liner. Yet he is the problem? Your campaign is absurd.

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