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Originally Posted by Minnesota View Post
How can you be depressed when you own 4 bunnies?!
A friend of mine kind of had a depression problem from like 7th-10th grade. He was my neighbor and my oldest friend. We kind of grew apart during the latter years of his depression, but he got himself out of it by turning to bunnies.

He now breeds them, shows them, and sells them. He owns over 30 of them for show and rotates them through breeding programs and sells the babies for, wait for it, $200-$300 each. He seemingly has 3-4 babies every month, if not more, and sells all of them. Then some of his "champion" bunnies go for double that, sometimes in the $600+ range.

It is ridiculous. He graduated high school last year(2012) and has yet to get a full time or even part time job. Just keeps breeding bunnies, going to national competitions(all over the U.S.), and making cash. I'm kind of jealous, won't lie.

The only time I've seen him distraught since he got into the competitive rabbit breeding, was when he was cleaning cages and left his gararge door open to let everything dry quickly, and another neighbor's dog got out, ran over, through the garage, and tore up two of the bunnies. The dog's owner had to pay him $300, and the bunnies' owner claimed that was half price. Just...

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