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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
I bought some white t-shirts, salsa, and booze. Especially booze.
(and some stuff for the kids, of course, but those three things were on my own personal list)

Liquor is crazy-taxed here. It's one step away from being illegal... a bottle of wine is about $40, and a bottle of Vodka is anywhere from $75-100. They price it that high in order to effectively remove any chance of the "average Indonesian" from ever even having the means to buy it. I mean, you can rent a slummy house (shack?) in my city for like $400/yr. When a bottle of vodka is 3 months rent, people tend to shy away, haha.

The trick is that in Jakarta (and only Jakarta), they have these "duty free" shops where they sell nothing but liquor. Technically, the only people allowed to shop at these places are diplomats, but because the entire country is corrupt as hell, the stores usually pay off the customs officials assigned to their district, and sell liquor at duty free prices (roughly the same prices as back home, with an extra 10-15% tagged on as the "customs fee") to anyone with the money who can be trusted not to squeal.

So you can get alcohol here, but it's quite the hassle to go. Basically my closest "liquor store" is an hour away, and the selection is awful (they always have the most random stuff, and there's never any guarantee that they'll even carry the type of liquor you're looking for). I've also never once seen any duty free shop carry port, ever, which is disappointing. I love port. Miss it.

The salsa, though: amazing. Pace "Thick N' Chunky". I haven't seen a bottle of that anywhere since I got to Indonesia. You gotta appreciate the little things, you know? Little things like good salsa.
Sounds a lot like the LCBO.

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