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02-27-2013, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by deakka View Post
How come the freaking flyers, who btw already has better forwards than us, find gems for a 4th rounder and we still havent adressed our winger situation?
You're losing it there bud... this is a very minor trade. Gagne is a shell of his former self and made of glass as someone else pointed out. This is not equivalent to us signing Jagr (i.e. good player back for glory). It's equivalent to us bringing Bill Guerin out of retirement (except for the greasy hair and made of glass part).

ALSO TO CLARIFY for everyone, this might've been posted already but Philly will give up an ADDITIONAL 2013 3rd round pick if they make the playoffs. There's better than a 50% chance of that IMO so basically Philly just picked up a guy who's 3 months from retirement for a 3rd and 4th round pick. Closer to Full Holmgren than I anticipated.

Originally Posted by Mo Wanchuk View Post
Can someone tell me what we would realistically have to give up for Perry at the deadline? Any idea at all.
He's either re-signing or it will be a bidding war IMO. Expect a minimum of good roster player + a top D prospect + 1st round draft pick... probably more. Kunitz + Maatta + 1st might be a good starting point but it's all guesswork. Put in this way, we're not getting him by sending them a roster player like Niskanen.

Originally Posted by jabba2 View Post
Would Shero have any interest in Danny Briere?
Originally Posted by leafspensfan View Post
Not trying to be a jerk but why do people have such a hard time understanding the concept that the top teams in our conference... will not be sending us talented players to complete our Cup roster. Ever. Both of these trades would be like us sending them Chris Kunitz. Does anyone think there's any chance in hell we'd trade Chris Kunitz (or even Dupuis) to Philly or Boston, mid-season??

The only eastern teams that might trade us a good player or player with good upside are doormatt teams that are a couple years away from competing. Given upcoming re-alignment, CBJ would qualify, as would the Panthers potentially (depending on whether Tallon wants to partially blow the team up given this year's draft quality). We're not getting good players from competitive rivals. At most we might swap minor league players and draft picks or 4th line types.

Even Toronto looks iffy right now as they're playing very well all of a sudden.

Originally Posted by cheesedanish87 View Post
His teammates in carolina were asked questions about him their not gonna rip their teammates to the media. I dont care if he scores 50 goals this year he produced in Washington to hes not the type of a guy you want on your team hes a cancer to a locker room has a history of taking playoff games off. Your not gonna win anything with guys like him on your team.
I was never in favor of giving Semin $6-7M to have a "tryout" here. He definitely was a high risk player. But the fact is he seems to have turned himself around. He's not the same guy he was in Washington, OR the atmosphere in Washington is so toxic that maybe he's got a bit of an eccentric personality or something and was ridiculed there when things weren't going well. Who the hell knows. But I'm willing at this point to say he's made efforts to improve his work ethic and attitude. I don't see the Staal brothers saying stuff like that if it weren't true. So good for him, but there was plenty of reason to be leery of the guy last summer.

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