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02-27-2013, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Shockmaster View Post
This. Can you imagine how angry Detroit would be if QC got a team and they had to move into the new Midwest division after finally getting into the Eastern Conference?

I have to wonder if any relocation to QC was attempted that the Board of Governors would not allow it because of that very reason.

I understand many posters here think QC deserves to be the next city to get a relocated team, but keep in mind the NHL doesn't think like that.
The Wings problem is not Qc, its the players association and the only place available (IMHO) for a member of their league. The league as a whole created this and does not control their divisions anymore.

You'll say they will put the Coyotes in the Key arena? Fine, but I don't agree.

So, if the Yotes leaving PHX, the Wings will probably stay west.

See, majority of hockey markets are east on this continent, well, at least in the US. Wings and Jackets are between.

Also, not sure the west governors smile to the idea of seeing the Wings leaving for east.

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